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  • Social Diversification

    Social Diversification

    In one week the walls started closing in on social. Twitter is being attacked from all sides for missing earnings and struggling to attract buyers for new ad products. Yelp misses earnings as well. Secret closes its doors. And LinkedIn misses earnings and looses 20% of its value.

  • Connecting through Work

    Connecting through Work

    I was reading the Wired article about TED# and how over the years the talks have become more anxiety-inducing. It's sad that we would have a company set up booths around the country to help us have honest conversations. With all the talk about transparency and being real, is the gap between what we say…

  • FriendFeed did Connection Best

    FriendFeed did Connection Best

    For those of you unfamiliar with FriendFeed, it was a social network cum real time stream and content aggregator where many of us had powerful conversation threads and group discussions. Its strong search function meant you could find anything on the platform instantly. The global community and ability to stumble onto multi-lingual content easily was…

  • Do You Talk About Your Challenges?

    Do You Talk About Your Challenges?

    “We all have a dark side,” used to say my mentor. We did talk about it not because we were overly pessimistic, but to acknowledge human nature and in so doing to be more accepting of the challenges and issues along the way. Nothing is ever perfect or smooth, and actually overcoming those challenges helps…

  • Why Should we Connect?

    Why Should we Connect?

    Every social network is a little different, and I use them differently. Chances are you do as well. More than two years ago I spelled it all out in how I participate in social networks – some of it for G+ will need updating, but the basic premise is still valid. When I talk to…

  • Understanding Audiences in a Connected World

    Understanding Audiences in a Connected World

      If I had to boil down my talk on influence to one action verb, that verb would be understand. Understanding goes a long way when you are looking to make connections because it leads you to the appeal factor. This intelligence, well executed, allows you to have more impact, and beyond the here and…

  • An Outside In View of Complexity

    An Outside In View of Complexity

    Tackling a topic like complex systems in simple terms is a worthy challenge. Because the reward is understanding. When we understand an issue and are able to break it down into its components we can begin to tackle it productively. Bud Caddell uses a thought experiment to explain what complexity is, why it is important…

  • My Talk on Influence

    My Talk on Influence

    SMX East Everyone is Wrong about Influence. Except Your Customers. from Valeria Maltoni Once upon a time I started on a journey of discovery on what works well and what does not provide the desired results when it comes to building and connecting with influence. SXSW solo presentation, or more appropriately conference in the meaning…

  • 81% of online Americans Better Informed On Products and Services Thanks to Internet and Mobile Access

    81% of online Americans Better Informed On Products and Services Thanks to Internet and Mobile Access

    In a report published yesterday, the Pew Research Internet Project# documents how Americans online are better informed thanks to the Internet. Compared to five years ago: 81% say their Internet connection has made them better informed about products and services to buy We have seen the results in the recent official kick off of the…

  • Told You So

    A couple of stories making the rounds in the last 24 hours: Facebook is about growing its business and market value — duh! Brands should not be sharecropping and neither should you. It's not like the about face is new, either, kind of endemic, actually. It owns your content, and it will steal your customers.…