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  • BlogDash(board) Helps You do Blogger Outreach the Right Way

    I caught up with David Spinks about BlogDash at SxSWi. And yes, I did a pretty poor job with framing this interview on my Flip camera [1:12" on YouTube]. More on The Flip here. BlogDash is a platform that allows businesses to reach out to bloggers in a more targeted fashion. As David says, just…

  • BlogDash Powers Effective Blogger Outreach

    [1:12" YouTube]

  • Blogger Outreach: From the Blogger’s Eyes

    Blogger Outreach: From the Blogger’s Eyes

    guest post by David Spinks Blogger outreach is being used in more and more in marketing and social media campaigns. Some campaigns completely forgo traditional media outreach and just focus on blogger outreach. If you can get enough buzz going in the blogosphere, chances are mainstream media will catch wind of it, too. So why…

  • Who cares about your news?

    Who cares about your news?

    I mean who wants to hear from you? How is the information going to help them be smarter, do their job better, sell more? One of the most frequent pitches I get says something like "we thought your readers would enjoy to hear about 'x'". Would they? How do you know? We had an interesting…