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  • How to Ask Better Questions

    How to Ask Better Questions

    “Literature is the question minus the answer.” [Roland Barthes] Our questions reveal our real intent more than we suspect. There is such a thing as a leading question —a statement camouflaged as question by the inflection, or a lazy question, for example “who is going to win?”  “The future is the intersection of choice and interruptions,”…

  • How to Learn to Think Better

    How to Learn to Think Better

    We are increasingly called to make decisions with often imperfect information or not enough data. We are also under pressure to choose more frequently — a product, a service, but also a course of action to recommend at work — often without enough mental space to consider options. The better we are at learning to…

  • The Art of the Interview

    The Art of the Interview

    Do you read interviews? I could argue successfully that publishing interviews can go either way in terms of interest. Two ingredients to a good conversation are a subject that has done interesting things, and has an intriguing point of view, and a set of questions that demonstrate the interviewer is interested in exploring some of…