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How we work and what is possible are changing.
Input capital is the one thing you can control.
Your reading diet makes a difference.

– Valeria Maltoni

Whatever it Takes. February 10, 2023

Life’s Too Short… February 5, 2023

They called it “The Gentle Revolution.” December 23, 2022

How you speak is who you are. December 16, 2022

Details are the hallmarks of a story you can relate to. December 9, 2022

Some of us knew that all along. November 18, 2022

A 12-Foot Presence Impossible to Ignore. October 14, 2022

The Ultimate Reframing Tool. August 12, 2022

Beyond the Hype. May 6, 2022

What’s the One Piece of Advice You’d Give Yourself? April 22, 2022

What is the Optimal Amount of BS? April 8, 2022

Emergent Novelty, March 25, 2022

The Current Thing, March 18, 2022

Touch with your Own Hands, March 11, 2022

The Silence that Speaks. March 4, 2022

True to What you can Do. February 25, 2022

Numbers and Words. February 18, 2022

Energy in a Beat. February 11, 2022

Trust without Knowing. February 4, 2022

Social Radar. January 28, 2022

Paying it Twice. January 21, 2022

Simply the Best. January 14, 2022

Reality Check. January 7, 2022

What we Talk About, When we Talk About Love. December 17, 2021

Everything here apparently Needs us. December 10, 2021

Measuring Value. December 3, 2021

Gratitude is like Vitamin D for the Soul. November 19, 2021

What’s the Weight of Culture? November 12, 2021

Energy, the Next Frontier. November 5, 2021

Infinite Choice. October 29, 2021

How to have an Impossible Conversation. October 15, 2021

The story isn’t the whole story. October 8, 2021

Chase the news, and you miss the story. October 1, 2021

It’s not what you Think. September 24, 2021

See the Future. September 17, 2021

Influencing the Influencers. September 10, 2021

Summer Edition(short form)

When was the last time we talked? July 30, 2021

Do you feel lucky? July 23, 2021

Impossible is a mental barrier. July 16, 2021

The secret to creativity is… July 9, 2021

All you need is love July 2, 2021

How do we get better at now? June 25, 2021

How to turn disappointment into fuel. June 18, 2021

Incentives do work. June 11, 2021

It’s no use going back to yesterday… June 4, 2021

What lights you up. May 28, 2021

The good, the bad, and the judgy of language. May 21, 2021

More of the right kind of books. May 14, 2021

One way to reclaim your power.  May 7, 2021

A year-plus Journey in Rethinking (long form)

The power of stories. πŸ’¬ The meaning of friendship. Editing your story. Can we make transformation natural? April 16, 2021

Owning mistakes. πŸš§  Writing as discovery. Irony and transformation. A $100 million bet, language, conversation, and numbers. April 9, 2021

Making the intangible, tangible  πŸ’¦ Carbonara’s origin story. Surrender vs. giving up. “Be the board,” originals, vending in culture, and a bit of theater. 3 books to reset. April 2, 2021

The art of the desk setup. πŸ–Œ Check mate. Convergence. Tools… and one more (fun) thing.  Design through subtraction. March 12, 2021

Hey, don’t knock beans on toast.” πŸž Sweet stories are made of this. Fighting the future. Why nostalgia sells. The ingredients for making something that lasts. March 12, 2021

β€œWhen you get lost, get back to point one.” 1️⃣ Searching for… Italy. The unbundling of everything. Life lessons. March 5, 2021

Transmission and ritual in culture. πŸŽ™ The key to being contrarian. When in doubt, draw a distinction. Ideas and toolsFebruary 26, 2021

Using memes to build something new. πŸ’š A play on words. The cliffhanger at the end of season one. Other memes of note. February 12, 2021

How does your flywheel turn?  πŸ§­ Raising the bird. How taste shapes your views. Feedforward and feedback. Special Story, special person. February 5, 2021

Social: constraints or bubbles? πŸ§Ό Kobe’s Way. How to create a monopoly. Value in culture. Learning to be human. January 29, 2021

Change the story, change the outcome. πŸ“– Miracles don’t grow on trees. Slow-motion. The power of stories. January 22, 2021

Good transitions are underrated.  πŸ“«  Inside / Outside. Start, maintain, stop. January 15, 2021

Turnaround artists. πŸŽ¨ Listening, for a change. Everything must be said again. A reflection. Redefining success. January 8, 2021

Time fast and s l o w. ⏱ Being a custodian of these places. Seeing problems, living conditions. ROI in connection. December 18, 2020

Getting closer to the end product. πŸ“¦ Handle with care. Engagement. A web cartoonist, two comedians, a producer, and two filmmakers walk into…   December 11, 2020

More agent, a little better conversation. πŸ’¬ Are you talking to the right people? Innovation-speak. Attention. December 4, 2020

Thinking around corners. πŸ€” How innovation happens. Structure and order. Paid communities. What it means to “think for yourself.” November 27, 2020

What cultural curiosity looks like: LT work βž” value. Making things different. Wiring quality stuff. Soulful bets. November 20, 2020

Why emotional risk is the key to stand out. πŸ‘ 2020 vision. Brand. Communication. Vision. Why blogs are still useful. November 13, 2020

Find me somebody to… trust. βœ… A better version of yourself. The ladders of wealth creation. November 6, 2020

Asking people for money.πŸ’²Media Consumption. Media Sources. Community Participation. B-Sides. Fiction reads. October 30, 2020

The Social Dilemma.πŸ‘ Internet’s opportunity machine. Media production. Media distribution. Community impact. October 23, 2020

Remember when tweeting was a novelty? πŸ¦ Amarcord. Nursery rhymes about the end of WWII. Why build a company. October 16, 2020

Feeling as quality of life. πŸ€“ Word… of the year, in science. Copying mechanisms. Master of your worldview. October 9, 2020

You don’t buy a life, you build one. πŸ”¨ Tables are made for this. Laughing matters. How and what? Good question. Ultimate job to be done. October 2, 2020

Is math real? βˆš Cultural Curiosity. Saving your outtakes. What we do with ideas…. that’s what counts. Someone who believes in you. September 25, 2020

Good for you!  β˜•οΈ  Someone to help. Strategy: it’s all in the doing. Steal these ideas. Clear thinking… a starting point. September 18, 2020

What’s behind you… doesn’t matter. 🏎️  Compounding. Trying different perspectives. Remote is nearer: what’s your strategy? September 11, 2020

Your story is in the pauses. ⏯ Soft landing. Now’s’ a good time to figure out what “work” means to you. Priceless? September 4, 2020

Why productivity is such a big deal. ⚑️ Speaking as listening. Reuse. Crazy questions. A new word for what you’re feeling. Spread the ❀️. August 28, 2020

Creator: without one, the value chain breaks. πŸ”— Curators benefit most. Connectors’ role. Communication rules. August 21, 2020

Exposure: it’s not what you think. 🎞 Experience. Expertise. Excellence. August 14, 2020

Making the cut. 🎬 Metaphors that change minds. 3 useful ideas. Spread the ❀️. August 7, 2020

Opportunity is all around you. β˜€οΈ Managing energy. B2B to B2C to P2P and A-teams: a love affair with acronyms. July 31, 2020

Recurring interest. πŸ§² Correct incentives as therapeutics. Why we buy. Modern Insecurity. July 24, 2020

Does your CEO understand marketing? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ brand value: just an illusion? Argue and win. Belief and formulas. July 17, 2020

Two a penny insights. πŸ’° Make them see it in a new way. Constancy. July 10, 2020

You’ll ace your pitch after reading this. πŸ† Love the work. Connect everything with a clear objective. The value of sincerity. July 3, 2020

Generation why. πŸ”© Strategy pillars. Racing to help. June 26, 2020

All happy people are different. 😎 Self-serving biases. On being relevant, consistently. Finding joy in your work. June 19, 2020

Have you really read this? πŸ’Ž Laughing and how humor is serious business. Do you know what you don’t know? June 12, 2020

Power ⚑️ and success. Perspective and point of view. Reference points. Peace. June 5, 2020

What’s on tap?🚰 πŸ’¦ Going below the surface. How to help people make new choices. May 29, 2020

Things will changeβ€”f o r e v e r β­•οΈ not at all❗️Time to say goodbye… to old habits? Stop chasing your tail. May 22, 2020

Life’s journey is an Odyssey. Technology and humanism meet… next year. ✨ Hope. May 15, 2020

Seeing things, in reverse. 🌈 It’s surprising how hard we’ll work when the work is done just for ourselves.  May 8, 2020

Little is little; nothing is too little. Divergent thinking. Spread the ❀️. The truth is… everyone counts. April 24, 2020

Eternal Fridays, changing habits, and giving imagination a chance. April 17, 2020

Taking the long view, the relationships between patience and energy and how the future exists across a spectrum. April 10, 2020

A letter from the future, sometimes words fail: a moment of silence. April 3, 2020

Checking-in, working through ambiguity and reconnecting with your “why.” March 27, 2020

As we drown in information, we crave connection. How to run a video event, psychology and security, survival kits. March 20, 2020

A live stream put together in 3 days in a country in complete shut down, the power of culture, and newsletters. March 13, 2020