• Living closer to your friends would make you happier. Why don’t you?

    Living closer to your friends would make you happier. Why don’t you?

    Three ideas why. We change. Life changes us. When I moved to America many years ago, I was thinking expansively—it would be great to immerse myself in a new culture. And that it was. I thought I could make new lifelong friends. What I didn’t understand is that…

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  • Stereotypes


    The soundtrack that flattens culture to amplify margins—the gain temporary, the collateral effects long-lasting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s what you get when you try to compress a whole idea into a formula. An attempt to capture a category of things with a simple,…

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  • Overflow


    Sensibility and capacity for receptivity are the qualities that allow us to pay attention to, learn from, and act in the world—they are sources of wealth. There are many ways to be as a person. Each of us expresses their appreciation for being alive in different ways. But…

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  • Love: the Most Fundamental Market Principle

    Love: the Most Fundamental Market Principle

    How duty, learning, and friendship contributed to the foundation of trust. You’ll forgive the Franciscan for owning only one tunic. Clothing was a sign of wealth in Italy’s flourishing economy of the 13th Century. Even expensive vellum manuscripts were frowned upon. Books were alright, but purely as tools…

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  • A Renewal of Pleasure

    A Renewal of Pleasure

    Our lives are enriched when we join artists in taking glorious risks. I became a Beatles connoisseur and fan both early and late—early in my life, late in their success. It was the summer I drove with my parents and a couple of their friends to (the former)…

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  • Whatever it Takes

    Whatever it Takes

    From the dark side of business and the growing imbalance of power to making a difference with naming and words. Lehman Brothers Inc. was an American global financial services firm and the fourth-largest investment bank in the United States. Its founding dates back to 1847. Before filing for bankruptcy…

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  • Life’s too Short…

    Life’s too Short…

    to be a copycat of someone else. If machines have personalities, it’s our doing. ChatGPT sure has been in the news lately. I’m not surprised to see it all over social media feeds, given how monolithic those feeds tend to be. “ChatGPT this, ChatGPT that” say the marketers…

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  • They called it the “gentle revolution.”

    They called it the “gentle revolution.”

    For six years I had the privilege of working with a group of therapists and researchers who believed that each child, at the time of birth, has the same potential as Leonardo da Vinci. Their belief was so strong that they started with brain-injured children—children who navigate life…

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  • How you speak is who you are

    How you speak is who you are

    Identity is forged in the interplay of language and emotion. The connection between the two has value. But we only realize the value of something after we lose it. You may not realize it, but language is the vehicle of our lives. It’s the means through which we…

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  • Details are the hallmark of a story you can relate to

    Details are the hallmark of a story you can relate to

    But they work only when you nail the larger narrative. Before he could start enjoying his job, Jack Warr had to find his place in the world. The interaction between a quest to reconnect with his identity and the mounting urgency of the crisis in a new case…

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The mission of my work is to reframe how we value things (and people) to transform work and society.

I pursue it through narrative analysis and story design using conversation as a sense-making tool. 

My origin story.


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