• The summer of lore

    The summer of lore

    How Eras, Renaissance, and Barbie are signaling the desire to find a personal way out of the morass of the ‘data-driven’ perspective of our own making. I haven’t gone to see “Barbie.” I don’t know if I will. Cinema theaters are not a favorite space. Though I do…

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  • It turns out aliens speak English (almost exclusively)

    It turns out aliens speak English (almost exclusively)

    What language should the world speak? There are enough “unidentified anomalous phenomena” wreaking havoc with climate here on earth right now without adding those in outer space allegedly investigated by government agencies. Yes, I’m talking about UFOs. After retired Maj. David Grusch’s testimony in January and the subsequent…

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  • The Paradox of Our Age

    The Paradox of Our Age

    Do we still know how to recognize value? I started my writing career ever since I published my very first poem to the bulletin board in our apartment building. I was six. It happened at about the same time I gave my first public speech at a school…

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  • Private truths, public lies

    Private truths, public lies

    How we cannot help our nature―but we can improve our culture. A man in the semi-distance looks inside the apartment across and the yard below. From the activities taking place in view, he develops a narrative piecing together body language and action clues. Third party observational narrative feels…

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  • The glue that holds all of our relationships together

    The glue that holds all of our relationships together

    We all have the desire to be seen, heard, listened to, and treated fairly; to be recognized, understood, and feel safe in the world. Some time ago I worked with a company to help build a narrative to diminish turnover and create lasting impact. It’s the kind of…

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  • The economic value of culture and creativity

    The economic value of culture and creativity

    Arts and culture add value beyond economics—how do we value those benefits? With all this talk and excitement around AI, we overlook the role of the arts and creative industries and their positive impact to human health and well-being. Two decades of research found that the arts and…

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  • How seemingly senseless acts make life worth living

    How seemingly senseless acts make life worth living

    The value of rituals in life… and in commerce. Carrie walked into her mother’s home to find her sitting on the floor, surrounded by relatives and friends. She was wailing after having just buried her son. Nobody seemed to be able to offer any consolation—in fact, any attempt…

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  • Get ready to face resistance for your originality

    Get ready to face resistance for your originality

    Most people embrace new ideas only after they’ve become widely accepted. There’s a reason why you keep seeing the same posts throughout social media. Different avatars and logos, similar stories. If you’re a student of history, you’ll see the phenomenon more clearly with the benefit of distance. Paradigm-shifting…

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  • Humans’ tool to make the infinite comprehensible

    Humans’ tool to make the infinite comprehensible

    Saints, armies, medicinal plants, treasures, book titles, nature collections, survival kits—the essential nature of lists. Swiss businessman Jean Henri Dunant was traveling in northern Italy when he spotted the aftermath of what became the decisive battle between Franco-Sardinian and Austrian forces. 40,000 troops dead, wounded or missing near…

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  • Between us…

    Between us…

    How emotions are “stories in the world.” I ordered a couple of items from Amazon. It’s an option of last resort when I cannot find something going direct to companies. Sometimes Amazon is the only way to order a product. Free shipping is another reason why I might…

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The mission of my work is to reframe how we value things (and people) to transform work and society.

I pursue it through narrative analysis and story design using conversation as a sense-making tool. 

My origin story.


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