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  • Blog News Release: The Age of Conversation

    Blog News Release: The Age of Conversation

    Today is the official release date of The Age of Conversation, an eBook co-authored by 103 authors from 10 nations. The permanent link and page to this group project on this site is here. Preliminary press: AdAge and Social Computing Magazine. Formats/Prices: Hardbacks $29.99Paperbacks $16.95E-book $9.99 Available at Lulu stores. BackgroundDedication If you're blogging this…

  • The Narrative Fallacy

    The Narrative Fallacy

      In The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb approaches the impact of the highly improbable through multiple literary, philosophic and narrative references. I worked for years in risk management. The topic fascinates me. The book has a chapter titled Umberto Eco's antilibrary. The idea is that the more you know, the larger the rows of…