Design of Story, the Sensual Way

Helmut Newton  Pirelli


This photograph by Helmut Newton for Pirelli, the Italian group famous for its iconic and sensual calendars, never made it to a calendar. If the project had come to completion twenty-one years ago, there would be another prize out there for icon hunters to chase — the first, and only, Pirelli calendar made in Italy by Newton.

Pirelli Italia asked Newton to envision the Calendar in the spring of 1985. The company didn't place any restrictions on his creativity, asking only that Pirelli the product appear in the shots. This was a new development, not just for the renowned photographer but also for the Calendar.

Until that time, the Cal had focused on еvocative images far removed from Pirelli's core business. However, you can marry beauty in art with business. Newton was defined brilliant and decadent and the Calendar planned for 1986 was not released until 50 years later. Newton's calendar marked the anniversary in 2014.


Helmut Newton for Pirelli

The image above still didn't make the Cal (this one did for July.) Yet, it's a perfect example of the use of sensuality to tell a story. It reveals just enough to connect with your imagination yet not too much as that would detract from your subjective experience. There's a certain vulnerability to the expression that is endearing.

Black and white photography adds a dimension of intimacy to Monte Carlo and Chianti, the locations chosen as stage. 

Sometimes less is less. But in the hands of an artist, less is more.





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