The Year in Narrative: A Review

Narrative and storytelling

2021 has been a year of deep reflection. While I've written much less than in the past on this site, most of the articles I did publish are witness to important work that I'm doing elsewhere. Witness to this change has been the letter. But if this year was not as prolific here, it was more intensely concentrated on the role of narrative and storytelling in our work and lives.

Month by month:

January — Change the Story, Change the Outcome

February — Federico Fellini on Storytelling and the Ultimate Change

March — Why How we Work Shifts What and Who has Power

April — The Power of Rituals in Commerce

May — The Story of High Performance 

June — To Truly Change the World, You First Must Change the Narrative

July — From Loss to Upside Through a New Narrative

August — How to Prepare Your Organization for the Evolution of Work

September — System Failure: When Narrative and Execution Fail to Align

October — Good Framing is Central to Change

November — Does Your Company Know Itself?

December — Reinventing the Assumption on Human Motivation


I've also upped considerably the number of books I've read, in two plus languages. I'm now working on expanding the number of meaningful collaborations in my work both in the U.S., and in Europe.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.



[image: Puglia]