What can a Company do to Deliver Experiences and Satisfaction?

Apple Brand StoryThe best companies are defined by priorities, not bound by capabilities. Horace Dediu uses Apple as a lens to analyze business strategy#:

Apple, since its inception, has always been oriented around its customers, not its products. The questions asked by management are “what can the company do to deliver experiences and satisfaction” rather than “what products can the company build”.

Here's the difference:

A priorities-driven company habitually re-designs its processes and its resources. A resources- or process-driven company re-designs its priorities as its capabilities change.

It's not just semantics. Further down:

Companies sell objects or activities that they can make or engage in but customers buy solutions to problems. It’s easy to be fooled that these are interchangeable.

Correlation is not causation. We don't buy beause a produxct exists. We buy because of a a need, combined with availability (supply), and time and circumstance of purchase.

See also why people hire your product. A brand lives in the gap between what people expect and what the company delivers.