Talking to the Right People

Understanding who helps with why and what

It's the first thing you need to figure out. Starting with who you want to be/become and who you are — what's the delta, or difference between the two. Once you figure that out, it's not simple. Then intent becomes easier. Including how you speak and write from your source — how you see the world.

    Then you work on who you want to reach, meet, learn from, teach, and so on.

    Who you're talking with changes not just what you can talk about, it also changes the outcomes. We spend so much time trying to convince the wrong people in business — and in life. What a waste! When we could be doing good work worth doing… and paying for, if we just figured out who.

    Put the right offer in front of the right people and now you're getting somewhere.

    The problem is that most of the time we think we know who — and when we assume that, we stop looking. We do the same with outcomes, we start there and we back track, instead of truly understanding where we are, and taking an honest look at it.

    Working harder doesn't help when you're focusing on the wrong things.


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