Mindset Shift: from Consultant to Business Owner

Mindset shift

Hi, I'm opening the comments to the blog again and will be changing some other things around here. All good, I promise. This blog has been my through-line during three career changes and even more life changes. It's been an amazing testing ground for ideas.

    Hopefully, you've taken away a lot from the articles over the last 12 years.

    I was talking recently with a few consultants in the U.K. and Europe, and we were sharing thoughts about personal and business growth phases. When we draw differences between being an amateur and going pro, we're talking about personal attitude. The shift in mindset is the most important part.

    When we decide to show up and do the work, no matter what, to keep learning and practicing with the right intensity and coaching — we don't just improve. At some point, our quality jumps up. I mean, I can really tell when I hit an article just right. You know what I mean?

    Recently, I experienced what this shift in mindset looks like for a solo-preneur — you go from consultant to business owner. It's a step I would have not anticipated as accidental consultant, which is what I am. In practical terms, what does it mean?

  • start assembling your team — what resources do you need to handle certain parts of the work? Do you need contractors to handle specialized parts of the work, operational tasks, etc.?
  • build your lead generation mechanism — not everyone is ready to buy your services on day one, and a certain “get to know you” period helps them learn more about how you think and work.
  • create and package products — only so much time in a day, find a need in the market that fits your experience, and help people learn from you at their own pace. I realize there's an explosion of these services, yet I find holes everywhere! The operative word is niche.
  • streamline your workflows — what is unnecessary? Can you create modules for your billing, proposals, presentations, etc.?
  • take more time to work on your business — vs. in your business

    It's a mindset shift, and it probably won't happen in one day. But it opens up a whole new world of opportunity — for you and for others. Takes networking to a whole new level.

    I thought that going from consultant to business owner meant creating a company, for example. So I resisted the notion. Then one day it just clicked. There are so many more ways to create a business — partnerships, collaborations, contracting, and more.

    The point is you don't have to do it all.


P.S. Plus write every day. Even if you decide not to publish. Your thinking will improve.