When Words Fail

What does silence say?

It's the place between words, a slight pause before listening and after talking: silence. It can also be the impossibility of separating the sound of words from their background. Body language can convey so much. When we can't hear the character, we can see them — talk, scream, whisper.

When words fail is a beautiful compilation of scenes from fifteen movies by famous directors including Hitchcock, Kubrick, and Fellini. In them, we see the range of human emotions.

From frustration, boredom, and miscommunication, to conspiracy, surveillance, and menace, loneliness, love, and longing, guilt, shock, and remorse, isolation, confusion, and alienation, anger, defiance, and rebellion, suspense, economy, and efficiency, secrets, melancholy, and timelessness, PG-13 stuff, absurd, subversive, and senseless, distrust, ambiguity, and paranoia, surreal, sinful, and subconscious, and absolute failure to communicate.