When People Believe in Boundaries

Don Cherry Florence 1975

“When people believe in boundaries, they become part of them.”

[Don Cherry]

Don Cherry was was an American jazz trumpeter known for his association with saxophonist Ornette Coleman in the late 50's. Unafraid of breaking away from convention, he became a pioneer of world fusion music in the 60's, incorporating funk and different ethnic styles in his music.

Cherry used a pocket cornet — a shrunken cornet — to get an open, quiet sound. In the 70's, he taught at Dartmouth College, lived in Europe (Sweden) and the Middle East, and continued to play in festivals with other musicians all over the world.

He was inducted into the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in 2011, sixteen years after his premature death.


[image by Mario Biondi writer – Don Cherry plays a special horn in Florence, Le Cascine, September 1975]


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