Meaningful Actions: a Manifesto

Meaningful Actions Manifesto

We work at different levels — for example, strategic, tactical — in many dimensions — for example, past, future, sometimes present — alone and together, with stages, methodologies, processes, and so on. The unifying view in all of this is how we show up.

Our values and personal culture shine or bleed through in our work and lives in the form of “this is how it feels like to [interact, communicate, be with us].”

A couple of years ago, I wrote this Meaningful Actions Manifesto as a reminder of what I value and a compass to navigate the complexity of work and life in a kind of fourth dimension, at a level greater, more encompassing than strategic.

It's time to get these simple ideas out there, let them breathe, see how they do.

Conversation Agent Meaningful Actions – a Manifesto

  • Act appropriately – be human in conversation and in the moment to get the most out of opportunities in social and other technologies
  • Build prosperity and confidence by making the best promises you can keep
  • Connect ideas and people – execution is about relationships
  • Do the work with love and discipline
  • Focus on creating strong, resilient, and enduring businesses
  • Honor community
  • Listen, observe, and learn –- how talk changes our lives
  • Respect the purpose and values of the business and its people
  • Recognize the value and importance of planning and serendipity
  • Speak clearly -– the language of sincerity is focused and purposeful


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