Persuasion Master Rory Sutherland’s Reading List

Sutherland Reading List
From being described as the worst graduate trainee that Ogilvy & Mather had ever hired, Rory Sutherland took a while to find his calling in life. From unlikely beginnings as a classics teacher to his current job as Vice Chairman of Ogilvy Group, his rise through the ranks is unconventional.

Educated at Cambridge, he went on to become the Executive Creative Director and Vice-Chairman of OgilvyOne. Today, he is one of marketing's most original thinkers and influential speakers. Sutherland is a champion of behavioral economics and an early adopter of new technologies.

Rory Sutherland: The Wiki Man is a collection of his writings, including blog posts, tweets, interviews, and more. The paper edition of the book contains visuals but my not be available in the U.S.

Here's a list of what the master of persuasion recommends reading:

Rory Sutherland brings much of the information and insights he gleaned from his readings into his talks. Below is a more recent one on the lost genius of irrationality, where he discusses the limitations of straight economics in describing and anticipating individual and group behavioral choices.

 “We make a mistake by not looking at the world as a network nearly enough.”