Danni DeVito on Women, Fame, Luck, and Focusing on Right Now

Danny DeVito
In a profile of the actor, The Guardian interviews Danny DeVito on life and work — what he thinks about women, fame, and luck says a lot about his attitude on life. Including what matters the most.

Is Hollywood unfair to women? DeVito says:

“I don't think it's only Hollywood, I think it's just generally speaking. Most men somewhere in their psyche are still dragging women around by their hair. It's terrible. I have two daughters, but even before my kids were born I always thought that it was terrible.”

In his opinion, feminism has made some men even more reactionary. Does he think that the sexes are too combative? “It's not so much that. I just don't think equality is there at all.

And it's not only women. It's inequality for young people, old people, women, minorities – there's no balance. We're seeing that in the world. People feeling that there's an incredible lack of genuine fairness.”

So far as his fame is concerned, he says:

“Wherever I am, it's a really good feeling to have that connection to people. I love to go out to talk to people and be with folks. I don't shy away from it.” 

On his attitude about life, DeVito says he is Zen about it”:

“If something good happens to me, I embrace it and let it go. If something bad happens to me, I embrace it and let it go. You have to. It's like something the Dalai Lama once said – that whole philosophy of going into the mouth of the dragon – facing who you are.

Most of us are insecure and the other portion of the world are assholes. So, you can be insecure – so long as you're not an asshole!”

Does he consider himself a lucky man?

“Yeah, very fortunate.” Is it about making your own luck? “I don't think you can really think like that.

The way I see it, what you've got to do is think of now, this moment. If you're analyzing the past, or anticipating too far into the future, you don't really concentrate on what you're doing in this moment, and that's the most important thing. Right now!

Right now is the most important moment in your entire life.”