Brazilian Entrepreneur Bel Pesce on the Five Easy-to-Believe Myths that Kill Dream Projects

Dream-to-project gap
Entrepreneur Bel Pesce left Brazil to study at MIT to then return to her native country after a successful stint in Silicon Valley. She believes in making ideas happen. Her talk is a good example of the trouble with “good enough.”

She says:

I dedicated the past two years to understanding how people achieve their dreams. When we think about the dreams we have, and the dent we want to leave in the universe, it is striking to see how big of an overlap there is between the dreams that we have and projects that never happen.

What are the five easy-to-believe myths that kill our dreams?

  1. Believe in overnight success
  2. Believe someone else has the answers
  3. Decide to settle once growth is guaranteed
  4. Believe the fault is someone else's
  5. Believe that the only things that matter are the dreams themselves

Achieving our goals is a good thing, but we should not forget that:

achieving a dream is a momentary sensation, and our life is not. The only way to really achieve all of your dreams is to fully enjoy every step of the journey.

And your journey is simple — it's made of steps. Some steps will be right on. Sometimes you will trip. If it's right on, celebrate, because some people wait a lot to celebrate. And if you tripped, turn that into something to learn. If every step becomes something to learn or something to celebrate, you will for sure enjoy the journey.

Watch the six-minute talk below.