Mastery Takes Time and Something Else…

Something that can help you with discipline and to practice the right way to achieve progress reliably. Working on a project or through a step-by-step tutorial are not enough, and listening to a lecture or presentation on how to do something does not lead to mastery.

What does then? Learning the techniques that people who have become experts at something used and continue to use to achieve mastery and the reason why they worked is a better method to get you on your way. And something else…

Dareconf_people skills for digital workers

That something is commitment to change. To discover new opportunities we need to make learning a habit. How did I go from zero to mastering English, a language I could barely speak when I first visited the U.S.? Learn the simple techniques I used, and the secret sauce that made it all work at the first edition of #dareconfUSA on May 19 in Philadelphia.

My session will be about

Making learning a habit to uncover new opportunities:

Children feel the excitement of learning more strongly than the fear of the unknown. For adults the balance is reversed: we stop learning when we’re afraid of leaving the safety of what we know.

When I arrived in the US I wasn’t fluent in English. I realized that in order to get what I wanted, I needed to commit to change—to immerse myself in this new experience. Since then I’ve worked to make learning through experience a habit: a continuous process of commitment. When you make learning a habit, you connect with your inner child and discover new opportunities. Learn how to:

  • make space for learning by letting go of habits that aren’t serving you well
  • ask for help and trust the learning process
  • experiment to discover what works for you

Other sessions will cover how to use facilitation techniques to help groups discover common goals, learn active listening techniques, use nonviolent communication to connect with colleagues, and use coaching techniques to help people make their own decisions.

All sessions have been designed to provide strong and diverse examples to help you connect with what it takes at a more visceral level, uncover the patterns, and discover simple techniques that you can use time and time over to practice better.

Let's connect at #dareconfUSA, May 19 at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Register here.