Five Attributes of Being an Expert

Expert Definition
Experience makes your process less expensive. It's the time-tested tip of the spear that helps get to the point faster. The person implementing it knows how to string along tasks to serves the business, and not the other way around.

One of the best definitions I found for experience is that it is the act of trying, the practical knowledge acquired through direct observation and/or participation.

When situations are experiential, they create a space or give us the tools to try something. Good experiences place your in a situation or context under which you attract, or pull, events and opportunities. It's your experience, so the outcome is affected by your attitude and approach. Which is where accountability comes in.

Accountability is a metric. It's expressed in the willingness to accept responsibility or to account for your actions. You're accountable even if you don't accept the responsibility. Your actions can still be measured.

Process is a sequence of structured activities that serve a specific goal. The process is what helps you go from input to output — from taking in knowledge to producing results. A business process is defined, follows a time line, has a recipient for the outcome — a customer — adds value, is embedded in the organization, and can span several functions.

To sum it up, we have the act of trying, a way to go from input to output, and a way to measure that movement.

Process is your friend while you gain experience. You're accountable all the while. We know that what's important gets measured. Process, however will not give you vision and direction — it's the way you use to create structure to help you get to your destination.

Who is an expert?

An expert is:

  • Someone who has tried, who has practical experience in a field.
  • Conversely, someone who has been tried has a few wounds to show for it. If you don't have a glorious failure or two under your belt, you're probably not ready to be an "expert" for others hoping to avoid the same thing.
  • Someone who has acquired comprehensive knowledge and continues to learn about a field.
  • Someone who has authority as appointed to them by the community for having demonstrated they know their stuff.
  • Someone who experiments – taking the field further. (I call them thinkers and tinkerers.)

Execution drives reputation or how others see you.

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