Sharing the Benefits of Your Journey

Hero's Journey

“If you follow the Hero’s Journey, as outlined by Joseph Campbell, the last part of the journey is to return home and share the benefits of your journey and your knowledge with your fellow (hu)man.  This is the part of the journey that we seem to have forgotten nowadays; building up those who have yet to take their journey.”

[Eric Barnhart]

A few days ago I mentioned my involvement with @venture4america and when I spoke of growth I meant everyone, not just the young entrepreneurs. We learn much about ourselves and what we know when we're called to teach it in any form.

The path to digital and technology is filled with fascinating stories and while technology is not the focus on VFA per se, any new product or service venture will have digital at its core — whether that be a commerce mechanism or an operational necessity.

I still bristle when people say they'd like to pick my brain, it's an unfortunate expression that hides a lack of commitment on the part of the brain picker, if you ask me. Mentoring and coaching are much better expressions.


[h/t Hugh MacLeod]