How do You Connect with Influencers?

Bridge is a connection
My unedited contribution to the social business journal that is making the rounds likely will make more sense to you, because the sentences are organized in a more logical sequence.

The two questions I answered in a more blended fashion than reproduced:

  • What’s the secret sauce to gaining insight into the “sphere” of an influencer?
  • How do brands measure results from influencer relations?

In my original entry I blended the two questions because 1) first you need to be aware of what you are doing now to have the opportunity to change it for the better. Then, 2) you want to know what you're measuring to figure out how you go about deciding who makes the cut on your list. Thirdly 3) is the all-important how to connect — the motivation bit for the person you are trying to connect with — get this wrong, and all your other work is for naught.

You may note that the reframed question follows the statement about it.

Good thing we have blogs to provide our version through posts. One of the many reasons why I value reading blogs over other, shorter forms, of media content. Context makes a big difference. And you are as close to the source as you can be with blogs. It is also a good way to see how someone processes information — useful for blogger outreach.

My original entry admittedly did not neatly follow the two questions.

Stop everything and pay attention

This is what many brands do when ready with a product launch, a promotion, or a message to put in market. They say stop everything and pay attention to me, to this. Influence is based on context, so you will want to identify people who produce and share content that can impact your business or your buyer’s decision-making process and develop relationships with them.

To understand how influence works and measure it look at reach, relevance, and resonance based on topics, themes, and interest. Track site visits, mentions, introductions, and leads, then iterate. Whether we have deep pockets and high ambitions, or we just believe we have a valuable message to spread on a shoestring budget, a good way to start is by reframing the question.

How do you appeal to influencers based on what they think about themselves? When you start from motivation, you understand why they would talk about something — they don’t tell their readers because they like you. What matters is what happens in their world. They tell their readers because they like their readers (or themselves / both).

Identify based on what they say. Connect based on what they do. More here.

I wanted you to have the unedited version. It may not be as neatly defined into questions, but it is how it works.


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