Love and Attention


A body of work takes time, creativity, and it takes putting yourself into the building of it. I was talking with someone the other day and they asked me about this blog, how much money I make with it. As if that were the only measure of worth.

Love is a greater measure, and it is intrinsically tied to a kind of attention. If we looked at the root cause of many of the issues and problems we face today, we might well find that it is a deep thirst for love that sits behind them. Yet love is ours to express. Opportunities to shift our stance from closed to open are all around us.

I liked this exchange from an interview with Mary Oliver On Being#:

Ms. Tippett: Yeah. I’d like to talk about attention, which is another real theme that runs through your work — both the word and the practice. And I know people associate you with that word. But I was interested to read that you began to learn that attention without feeling is only a report. That there is more to attention than for it to matter in the way you want it to matter. Say something about that learning.

Ms. Oliver: You need empathy with it rather than just reporting. Reporting is for field guides. And they’re great. They’re helpful. But That's what they are. But they’re not thought provokers. And they don't go anywhere. And I say somewhere that attention is the beginning of devotion, which I do believe. But That's it. A lot of these things are said but can't be explained.

[image Wikimedia]