Culture and Success

Matt Mullenweg on advice and fallacies:

[…] Someone being successful in a role at another company doesn’t mean they actually did the work, or were the cause of the success. If there’s an area you’re weak, try to figure out the root causes of why you’re weak, and where possible try to improve the environment that creates the problem before pinning the turnaround on a “Jesus hire.” When you improve the environment it makes it much more likely a new external hire will do well. The majority of success or failure is a result of the environment, at least as much as the individuals involved.

We could use the same argument on why the most practice in an organization is a more robust approach than following practices that have worked for other businesses. Building from the inside — and supporting that process — is far preferable to the hope (or Hail Mary) of trying to reverse engineer what some other entity has done.