Super Bowl Edition

Cardinals_stadium_Super Bowl XLIX
If you're looking for the best Super Bowl ads of all time, or this year's line up, links are at the end of this post. But first, a few ideas on how to enjoy the game in the company of family and friends – with a bit of brainy twist.

Under the learning to learn theme:

  • Have you ever watched a game with the sound off? You will be able to read lips and body language. Plus it will help you exercise your power of observation. Here's a series of challenges and ways to boost your observation skills and learn to pay attention – I like watching people, there is so much to take in.
  • Express yourself with confidence after reviewing this handy guide to talking with your hands without being annoying. The key is controlled gestures, let an Italian tell you.
  • John Oliver tackles the Super Bowl with David Letterman – here's what the rest of the world is thinking in his words:

What to put on the table:

  • It may a bit late for this one. A keeper for the health-conscious. HealthyCheats is based on the concept of curation – the company offers you the ability to select foods based on your dietary needs. They spell out ingredients, costs, and provide handy filters so you can view their inventory based on what you like and can eat. Each product lists ingredients, nutritional value, and price. They deliver.

Super Bowl Ads:

  • The Best Super Bowl Ads Ever, According to USA Today's "Ad Meter". Mental Floss.
  • Watch All The Ads From Super Bowl 2015 So Far. Fast CoCreate.
  • Here's How Facebook Plans to Help Brands Find Out When Their Ads Actually Worked. AdWeek.

Enjoy the game.

ADS UPDATE: two analyses of the Super Bowl ads worth mentioning in this post.


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