Fiction is Where Truth Lies

In his forward to On Writing. A Memoir of the Craft Stephen King says:

One thing I've noticed is that when you've had a little success, magazines are a lot less apt to use that phrase, “not for us.”

Companies continue to believe in statements like “being the right fit” without questioning its premise: right fit for what was or what should be? How do you know ahead of time that your culture is not marching your business happily down a cliff?

Take a look at the S&SF magazine (site) mentioned in King's book and you find a reference to his classic work right off the bat. After a little success — i.e. discovered and appreciated by others — and, yes, a rewrite of the very same manuscript from the earlier submission, his work was accepted.

One of the gems in Bud Caddell's article on organizing for the unpredictable is that difference goes beyond diversity quotas to behaviors; a lesson many organizations are still missing. Many lament the need for innovation, for which you want people who are wired to think and approach problems differently. The two are connected.

In good works of fiction, the art of storytelling moves undisturbed by the worry of lessons and quick tips; it focuses wholly on composition, just like master musicians select the notes to populate a score. They make you feel something by bringing it to life. 

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