10 Trend-Based Ideas to Put into Action in 2015

Trends Process and Validation
The team at Trendwatching has put together a list of ten opportunities# brands can leverage in 2015. As noted in the report, each trend also (potentially) contains a counter-trend.

From the report:

1. INSTANT SKILLS » All the gear, AND the idea. While many may prioritize the destination, a dedicated group may prefer to enjoy the journey.

2. FAST-LANING » The end of the line for waiting in line. How can you organize service in a way that benefits all customers through a combination of time and attention?

3. FAIR SPLITTING » Mobile wallets find their (shared) value.A recent study found that 45% of Millennials in the US & UK would like to use their mobiles to split bills with friends (JWT, October 2014).

4. INTERNET OF SHARED THINGS » New connections. New behaviors. New opportunities.One signal: currently only 4% of consumers own an in-home IoT device, but nearly two-thirds plan to buy one in the next five years (Acquity Group / Accenture, August 2014).

5. BRANDED GOVERNMENT » Time to get behind corporate-powered civic change. 73% of Millennials don’t believe governments can solve today’s issues alone, and 83% want businesses to get more involved (MSLGROUP, September 2014).

6. POST-DEMOGRAPHIC CONSUMERISM » Demographics are dead! Long live demographics!The 2 minute recap: people – of all ages and in many markets – are constructing their own identities more freely than ever.

7. CURRENCIES OF CHANGE » Because good behavior should no longer (just) be its own reward.66% of consumers feel that the value exchange between consumers and brands is one-sided. Meanwhile, 70% feel that brands are motivated by a self-centered desire to increase profits rather than by a sincere commitment to their customers (Edelman, October 2014).

8. SYMPATHETIC PRICING » Pain point-targeting discounts.only 30% of global consumers think brands make a sincere commitment towards their customers (Edelman, October 2014).

9. ROBOLOVE » 2015: Rise of the Robots.Jeff Bezos recently told shareholders that Amazon would have 10,000 Kiva robots by the end of 2014 (from just 1,400 in 2013), and that this could cut fulfillment costs for an average order by 20-40% (BCG, August 2014).

10. BRAND STANDS » Get off the fence! many consumers believe brands should speak out: 73% of Millennials believe that businesses should share a point of view about issues; 73% also think businesses should influence others to get involved in an issue (MSLGroup, February 2014.)

For a peak at Trendwatching process, go here.


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