Told You So

A couple of stories making the rounds in the last 24 hours:

  • Facebook is about growing its business and market value — duh!

Brands should not be sharecropping and neither should you. It's not like the about face is new, either, kind of endemic, actually. It owns your content, and it will steal your customers. Not to mention reputation tied to a closed system you do not control. Remember Beacon?

Treat it as a channel and a tool to serve your needs and you have a fairly different strategy. Yes, fan-gating a like for a chance to ___ option is gone, too. Surprise, surprise.

  • Uber continues its aggressive streak to stay in front of the news cycle — huh?

Journalist publishes story about a company. Public discussion in social media ensues. More behavioral data points emerge. News becomes fluid capturing reactions in real time.

We have been seeing this developing for a while with social news: trading accuracy for immediacy, how even venerable news organizations have been losing ground to crowdsourced news, the future of the news ecosystem, which was probably on the conservative side, with Twitter at the center, mostly.

The shift has occurred from mere consumption of news to creation — actual new content that emerges as a result of online exchanges.


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