Life’s Unanswered Questions and More

Ad Industry and Women
Making Sense:

  • When Does a Private-to-Private Merger Make Sense? Mark Suster: So amazingly you had a company with 350+ sku’s wanting capital to build its eCommerce capabilities and scale sales & marketing and on the other side this other great company with eCommerce expertise and a great product but not a broad enough sku set. We couldn’t have asked for a better fit.
  • Life's Unanswered Questions. Motley Fool: Why do you check your stocks twice a day but your cholesterol twice a decade? The former is killing your emotions and the latter is killing you.

Making Do:

  • Where To Find Great Designers. Fast Company: designers want to work in companies where they feel the company values what they do. If your product or website looks terrible or if someone coming to your site can’t determine the value proposition for your product from looking at the product, you will have a much harder time attracting designers.
  • The Future of Shopping. Style [via]: E-commerce is a very tight-margin business because of the level of complexity. You need to be global. You need to make investments—heavy investments—in technology because of the speed of technology. You need to know your customer in different situations in different markets. You need a level of talent that requires to be paid as talents, because you are very lucky just to find them, and then if you find them, it’s better if you pay them a lot. So, it’s highly competitive. It is a very difficult industry. It’s not an El Dorado. Everybody thinks it’s an El Dorado, but it’s not. Most of my competitors that I know, they are losing money or breaking even or getting there. Yoox, it’s an American dream and an Italian story in a way because it’s been structured as an American company but we’re based in Italy. As an Italian story, I always looked at the profitability and not just at the top line.

Making it:

  • Experience design is shaping our future. O'Reilly Radar: The best designs are human-centered and use the data gathered by the discovery process to identify problems and possible solutions in the form of products and services. This human-centered approach enables organizations to ask the right questions and gain insights about behavior, emotion, engagement, and motivation.
  • Category Killer. Shawn Coyle: When a book (or author) hits on all cylinders and is absolutely way above the standards of its genre—be it fiction or non-fiction—it has the potential to become a category killer. When it does, the book and the category become synonymous.


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