Ze Frank on BuzzFeed’s Video Production Process

In Content is not king; People are, Faris Yakob says:

stealing from Duncan Watts and Henry Jenkins and many other smart people – you cannot create content that will be successful, that will earn attention, that will be shared. You can only create content that has a better chance of being successful. Even more so in the stream – where content has many different functions beyond simple consumption.

I agree with Faris, the depth is in the exchange, in other words, what we/people put into the action of sharing, and not so much in the thing that is being shared.

Watch the video interview# with Ze Frank about BuzzFeed video production unit for more ideas on how to orchestrate the creative process in a way that supports rapid content creation at testing in real time.

I had the good fortune of being able to spend a few hours talking about the creative process with Ze Frank, a fellow European (cultural references matter a great deal), several years back and appreciate the deep working knowledge and experience he brings to bear.


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