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In a short post about growth hacking and media, Om Malik# quotes BuzzFeed founder, Jonah Peretti, on the announcement that he has appointed growth czar Dao Nguyen as new publisher and draws the parallel between Growth czar and circulation manager on the Web.

She’ll lead publishing for the social web, in the most modern sense, where data science, the CMS, technology, and a deep understanding of social networks, mobile devices, and digital video matter most.

Which reminded me of the now ancient (in Web years) post I wrote in 2008 titled Publishers Beware, User Experience = Circulation Online. This part in the post is particularly relevant to what happened in the years that ensued:

If new media is about linking, then your circulation is split into direct, and indirect.

In this light, user experience takes on a whole new meaning. News items are still important and relevant, as is great content. However, the way a story spreads is much more in the hands of those who think it adds value.

Figuring out what adds value sits at the intersection of the copy and story findability and reading enjoyment itself (direct) and where it is shared (indirect).


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