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Inbound 2014 Bold Tak
This week I took the bold stage at #Inbound2014 to talk about becoming a Conversation Agent. It was a transformational experience, both preparing for the talk, and meeting all the other speakers and attendees.

With technology, the convergence of many tools – one has to look at the iWatch, and also SnapChat, Secret… social networks and tools have multiplied, so much so that we are losing the ability to keep up… they are also starting to specialize, which means that although we are converging in some respects, we are diverging in others.

This (should) impacts:

  • How we design our environment to take on new data to turn into information,
  • How we collaborate to solve complex problems, and
  • How we embrace the growth mindset, the belief that our basic qualities are things we can cultivate through our efforts

Key take aways I outlined through stories:

  1. learning by doing rocks
  2. doing to learn works
  3. learning to learn is the most valuable skill

I will post the video of the talk once it is available.

Many thanks to HubSpot for designing this stage within its larger Inbound conference, which this year attracted about 10,000 people.


Valeria is an experienced listener. She designs service and product experiences to help businesses rediscover the value of promises and its effect on relationships and culture. She is also frequent speaker at conferences and companies on a variety of topics. Book her to speak here.

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