Tentpoles, Persistent Platforms, and Innovation

Making sense:

  • Tentpoles. Asymco: this does not mean that the tentpoles used at launch are in any way in error. They are necessary to explain the value of a new category. The audience can’t be told […]
  • Apple Watch: Asking Why and Saying No. Ben Thompson: The good demos are all activities that extend your phone in a way that simply wasn’t possible before. They are also activities that make the Watch seem less capable as a self-contained unit. This is why I’m worried that the lack of explanation about the Watch’s purpose wasn’t just a keynote oversight, but something that reflects a fundamental question about the product itself that Apple itself has yet to answer: is Watch an iPhone accessory, or is it valuable in its own right.

Making do: Persistent Platforms

  • Persistent Platforms. Faris Yacob: We got so many high quality entries. For less than the cost of a single TV spot. So, I was GUTTED when, after I left, they let the site die, all that CONTENT vanished. And I'm currently in France, so when I Googled it – I discovered that […]
  • How Andreessen Horowitz Is Disrupting Silicon Valley. Peter Sims on Medium: What differentiates Andreessen Horowitz is something else, something very different than Kleiner, Sequoia, Benchmark, or Accel have done. Using customer relationship management software as a foundation, Andreessen Horowitz seems to be creating one of the largest, most networked, and powerful ecosystem platforms in the world. […] What I find most fascinating about the A.H. ecosystem model is that, while it may feel transactional, most innovative businesses of the future are going to have to be highly networked, and enable large ecosystems.

Making it: Innovative

  • Some Reflections on the New Apple Event. Om Malik: Apple is now a lifestyle and not a computer-tech company. The wearable device ecosystem should be on notice and know they have a brand new and a fierce competitor. Cook is finally showing to the world what he is made of. I think he is one of the best CEOs in the business. Apple’s event raised the stakes for Amazon which is still in the toddler stage of its device strategy.


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