Internet Slowdown Day for Net Neutrality

Internet Slowdown for Net Neutrality
Today is the Internet Slowdown day. If you dread seeing the loading icons on Web sites, imagine how much you will dread your site functionality being reduced. Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson explains the implications to commerce in a post for Wired#:

For years, cable and phone providers have lobbied for the right to charge companies a fee to reach users, creating fast lanes for those willing and able to pay, and slow lanes for the rest of us.

Earlier this year, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler put out a proposal that would give these companies everything they asked for. And it would kill permissionless innovation and free expression. Companies would succeed because of deals struck with cable companies, not because of superior products.

[…] The current proposal doesn’t just threaten tech or media companies. It threatens any business that relies on the Internet to reach consumers.

The Internet has enabled a more mobile work force and provided the ability for businesses of any size to connect with customers from anywhere. This is a key reason why the

cities of Wilson and Chattanooga are now fighting in petitions asking the Federal Communications Commission to preempt state laws that limit the ability of cities to provide publicly owned Internet and cable services.#



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