A Culture of Social Collaboration

Telesupport by customers

The type may be too small to read; here's a link to the live post (2,014 pluses and 1,785 comments). This is a good example of reverse-engineering a conversation while tapping into a shared experience.

Imagine the potential of such a dialogue were it built upon a different proposition than a telemarketer trying to extract something on behalf of a business/brand from a person.

A culture of social collaboration is where the Web experience is moving to, with the help of semantic and contextual information. It remains firmly human because it includes one very important element, which smart automation doesn't, yet — trust.

The reason why we continue to place such value on influence — online and off line — is that with the explosion of information, we're looking for beacons to guide us through that noise.

As customers we want to make the right decisions. We don't want to go with a product or service that could let us down, or worse be a scam. If there is a mistake or a misunderstanding, that's where the social element comes in to aid in the fast restoration of trust. 

Why when you are booking some travel you read ratings and reviews, cross reference information you gather with friends and colleagues, and often have "go to" people in your network who will provide what you need.

Suspending judgement on the story itself, we clearly have someone who demonstrates knowledge of how telephony systems work.



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