Recommendations, Personalization, and Fast Checkout Move Product

Amazon.com_Tech Data_2014

In my recent talk at the CGT Sales and Marketing Summit, I compared a few data points on digital trends.

Many consumer packaged good brands themselves are going direct in social to promote brand awareness and incentivate preference, and increasingly are designing online eCommerce experiences to also move product. continues to be the golden standard; to run so smoothly, the company has mastered technology optimization and innovation.

Taking a look at the data above, you can see how much advantage has created with an experience that delivers the impact of ratings and reviews on buying behavior, personalized recommendations, and the one-click checkout.

Walmart.com_sales data_2014

While sales are declining in store, Walmart's eCommerce sales have increased by 30 percent to over $10 billion in its most recent fiscal year.

Which is why it makes sense that is getting a new look#. The giant retailer is rolling out a mobile-first experience with faster payment options. The site will seem familiar.

According to Ben Galbraith, VP, Global Products, Walmart Global eCommerce, the new site will have product recommendations based on past purchases.

Ship or pick up

In addition to showing past online and in store purchases, personalization features include a nearby store locator (and related coupons) local weather, and the ability to pick up items in store at check out.

In Canada, the retailer introduced free shipping last year#; through Amazon Prime, announced it was offering unlimited free shipping to students for six months.


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