Changing Strategies, Shifting into Digital, Understanding Discovery

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Making Sense: Changing Strategies

  • Chief Economists are the New Marketers. The Washington Post: “They were looking for someone who could connect the dots,” Richardson says, explaining how the site’s executives lured her away from a well-paying gig at Bloomberg Government, after stints as a senior economist at Freddie Mac and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. “Having a point of view in the market is important. Redfin wanted its own voice to cut through that noise.”
  • Do Goals Prevent Success? Study Hacks“Plans are made and unmade and revised and recast through action and interaction with others on a daily basis…Through their actions, the effectual entrepreneurs’ set of means and consequently the set of possible effects change and get reconfigured. Eventually, certain of the emerging effects coalesce into clearly achievable and desirable goals — landmarks that point to a discernible path beginning to emerge in the wilderness.”

Making Do: Shifting into Digital

  • Service Drains Competitors’ Online Ad BudgetKrebs on Security: One of the more well-known forms of online ad fraud (a.k.a. “click fraud“) involves Google AdSense publishers that automate the clicking of ads appearing on their own Web sites in order to inflate ad revenue. But fraudsters also engage in an opposite scam involving AdWords, in which advertisers try to attack competitors by raising their costs or exhausting their ad budgets early in the day
  • The Seven Rules For Digital Business And Digital Transformation. R. Ray WangThe existing leadership structure in most organizations is ill-equipped to drive the change required for dominating digital disruption.

Making It: Understanding Discovery

  • What is Pinterest? A Database of Intentions. The Atlantic: Discovery, which is different from search, is a very human process. We’re not building a machine that answers questions, although that’s great. We’re helping you discover the things you like. And part of that is you literally going through the process of discovering them.

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