Social Edition, with 50 Ways to Make a Career Work

How to Rock the Perfect LinkedIn Profile from LinkedIn

Making Sense: Social Data

  • Gallup's Buzzy Social Media Report Appears 'Deeply Flawed' 2012 called and wants its data back. AdWeek: The social media marketing stats are based on surveys that were performed back in December 2012 and January 2013. In the disruptive world of online marketing, 18 months is a virtual lifetime ago. Nearly every social media platform has gone through significant changes since Gallup collected its data.
  • Rethinking Social Media Marketing. Snarketing 2.0, Ron Shevlin: One of the things that drives me nuts about studies like Gallup’s is that it asks consumers how influential something is on their “purchase decisions” as if all decisions are influenced by the same things, and to the same degree.
  • Understanding Social Data. My own take: Of course people will not tell you the way they interact with something influences them. We think about influence as a thing we exert when we pay attention to something. The root cause of confusion comes when we try to force fit a marketing definition into life — it just does not work.

Making do: 50 Ways

  • 50 Ways to Create a Job that Makes Good. Ashoka: What’s contained within this site is not a magic bullet: you won’t get a job by simply reading each page. But, if you commit to doing every exercise, with authenticity, serious effort, hustle and follow through, you will discover your path, find your ideal career, and get hired.
  • 50 Job Resources for Makers. My contribution: What works is a plan for yourself — a road map for your own learning and career. What are some of the things you should do today to realign with your own purpose and work?

Making it: Integrative

  • Integrative Ideas and Social Brands. @FarisYacob: Publishers are trying to wean themselves off their click addiction and develop their native offerings. Search remains the key online advertising driver in dollar terms, especially on mobile. It is social that has becomes the primary battleground for agency ideas, precisely because it cuts across all disciplines and, unlike search, allows room for actual ideas.



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