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Eon Pritchard about "digital strategy" in an interview part of the where the puck is going series on Medium by GapJumpers#:

On the digital side you have data driven marketing which has much more in common with what we used to call direct response than advertising, then there’s the apps, services and digital products like the Fuelband with this deeper engagement component for the more interested brand users.

Whereas what we call advertising is still very much about just getting brands noticed and recognized by the rest of us, who don’t pay much attention and just need an easy purchase of baked beans without having to think about it. Both things are good, but we should be mindful of the distinction. I don't have any problem saying this now.

Since (I hope) we now recognize that it is not a question of either/or and instead it is about both/and, where do we insert social media and content marketing? 

If we separate the platforms from the content, then we say okay, we have social networks and what you can do technically on them over here, and we have copy, visuals over there.

However, that does not address what we do with interaction and behavior. And that's where many brands get stuck, to the question of how do we get people to do our bidding?

A better question should be, how do we help people do what they want to do? How do we design experiences that help close the intention-action gap? Applied behavioral economics addresses how to identify and diagnose problems and design tools.

Answering why would people behave in a certain way over another and having the ability to experiment and iterate in digital to understand what influences them is a powerful combination.

Both/and — each has a function and a role on the spectrum of attention.

How are your marketing budgets split? Why?

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