Fueling and Measuring Innovation

Making Sense: Measuring

  • How to Measure Innovation (to Get Real Results). Fast Company: One reason why that innovation metric gap exists is because there’s no set formula for what fuels innovation. What works for one company might be too fuzzy for the next. That said, there are a few things you can measure in order to figure out how innovative your company's culture is–it's the first step in figuring out how to reshape that environment and start promoting new behaviors.
  • The Disruption Machine. The New Yorker: A pack of attacking startups sounds something like a pack of ravenous hyenas, but, generally, the rhetoric of disruption—a language of panic, fear, asymmetry, and disorder—calls on the rhetoric of another kind of conflict, in which an upstart refuses to play by the established rules of engagement, and blows things up. Don’t think of Toyota taking on Detroit. Startups are ruthless and leaderless and unrestrained, and they seem so tiny and powerless, until you realize, but only after it’s too late, that they’re devastatingly dangerous: Bang! Ka-boom!

Making Do: Fueling

  • From #nomakeupselfie to the Big Knit: six ways charities are innovating. The Guardian: For innovation to flourish, charities need detailed insights into the social problems they are trying to solve along with the time, skills and support to nurture ideas from their people.

Making It: Real

  • The World's Most Innovative Companies of 2013. Fast Company: Uber at number 6 for being the epitome of the data-driven disruptive start-up.
  • Tencent's Worth. The Economist: [requires log in] the company has built a multibillion-dollar business out of micro-transactions, such as charging consumers to upgrade the look of the avatar that appears on their chat service.

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