Links to Articles I Posted Elsewhere

In addition to this blog, I started contributing posts to two sites in the last couple of months.

On LinkedIn, a series on How technology is…

Redefining Financial Services

Revolutionizing Higher Ed

Affecting the Retail Industry

Transforming the Career Market

I will continue this trend/implications series by adding two or three more industries where I had the opportunity to work either as the marketer on the inside, or the agency partner.

On the PM Digital blog, a series on Content Strategy

To help clients grapple with the rapid changes social and mobile consumption and distribution and implications to content formats, types, and topics to closing the gap between intention and action.

Content Strategy for the Customer Journey: Marketing that Makes Business Sense

Overcoming the Three Biggest Challenges of Scaling a Content Strategy

New Survey: 2 out of 5 Consumers Prefer to Read Original Content Directly from a Company Blog

Watch this space for more in coming weeks and take a look at the rich roster of other topics contributed by my colleagues in social, search — both organic here and here and paid starting here and here, and more.


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