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In a world of converged and fragmented media many brands spend a lot of time and resources to figure out the answer to two questions:

  1. how do we reach audiences/customers/buyers/influencers?
  2. how do you get the word out?

With often an emphatic 2a efficiently and 2b cost-effectively.

As it is often the case, a subtle change in how we ask the question can go a long way. When we dig a little, we find that most organizations struggle with two problems:

  • not creating the right products or services, and
  • not reaching the right people

By taking a user- and customer-first approach, then learning both via use (for example, via analytics) and expression of that use (for example, via referrals), some brands are able to build the marketing right into the product.

Evernote Thanks a 100 Million

It's okay to brag about success. In a note on the company blog#, Evernote shares the reasons to celebrate customers and how they got there:

  • We set out to redefine the meaning of productivity for modern busy people – which is everywhere
  • 100 million users overwhelmingly found our products by themselves, without much external encouragement – total advertising spend/user less than 1 cent

It was probably not a straight line, rather an exercise in iterative development and agile marketing. The numbers tell a very compelling story in favor of creating the right product by helping people get their tasks done simply.

This post was not the result of a pitch.


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