New Speaking Topics and Upcoming Events

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It's been a little quiet here since the blog went down repeatedly a couple of weeks ago (TypePad issues). I am not going away, and have been writing more in depth articles about digital transformation on LinkedIn, and about content strategy for the customer journey at PM Digital blog.

More in coming weeks.

For now, know I am planning to continue to be active at Conversation Agent in addition to keeping a fairly strong speaking calendar in the coming months.

First things first, the topics.

New Speaking Topics

They are the culmination of several years of research and work; yet the approach will be fresh.


This talk is based on a twelve-year immersion in digital transformation work and the strong body of work exemplified in How Technology is Transforming the Career Market, How Marketing must Evolve to Build Brands in Digital, The Next Web: Are we Talking about Me Yet? Three Areas of Opportunity with (Social) Content,The Million Dollar Content Question, Content is Bigger than Google. Areas of focus:

  • The evolution to current landscape
  • A discussion of what makes content as product important
  • A review of the business opportunities created by this trend
  • An overview of relevant examples and key players
  • The role and impact of culture on success

Attendees will leave this talk with a good grasp of the significance of content to business in genral and product/service specifically, and a framework to evaluate new opportunities.



This talk is about the history and future of achieving human potential. It is based on my lifelong journey in working with, researching, analyzing, and understanding how people develop and learn, and building frameworks to affect behavior in support of both. A five-minute taste of the seed that started it can be seen in my 2021: Uploading Humanism Ignite Austin talk. Areas of focus:

  • The learning framework that changed it all – this is a personal story that lead to a powerful insight
  • A discussion of how to design environment to affect behavior – a touch of anthropology
  • What makes effective teams work – team dynamics and org development work I have done
  • The value of continuous learning and how to achieve it – the stock and flow of knowledge and why it's important today
  • A weighing of what we are leaving behind and what we are taking with us – technology as spark to accelerate convergence and implications on relationships and culture

Attendees will leave with a stronger grasp of how to approach mindfully the new world of work and make smarter moves through innovation to impact experience, social media/networks to accelerate relationships and scale, and technology to enable emerging models like collaboration, networked communities of work, etc.

To book me, use this link on my site.

Upcoming Events

The first appointment live will be at the 2014 Consumer Good Sales and Marketing Summit June 9-11 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City.

This year, the IT/Marketing alliance will be taking on big data and the social media imperative. The title of my session, which will follow a CIO/CMO conversation will be:

What Is Keeping Marketers Up at Night and Why IT is Part of the Solution

Speaker: Valeria Maltoni, Vice President, Digital Strategy, PM Digital

Session Description:

Marketers are increasingly getting more technology budgets because through analytics they are closing the gap on accountability and have the advantage of proximity to the customers. Marketers who partner with IT (and vice versa) strengthen their position by bringing to bear the full force of resources and skillsets/experience in their collaboration.

In this session “conversation agent” Valeria Maltoni will examine why successful and effective marketing now and going forward will require collaboration and coordination with IT and why the digitally connected consumer makes that the #1 imperative for marketing success.

Attend this session to gain a better understanding of how to connect with customers as we wrestle with the moving line between physical/virtual, individual/social, and private/public to grow your business.

The full agenda#.

[lovely to see a story on How Marketing Must Evolve to Build Brands in Digital was picked up on by Adobe]


Valeria is an experienced listener. She designs service and product experiences to help businesses rediscover the value of promises and its effects on relationships and culture. She is also frequent speaker at conferences and companies on a variety of topics. Book her to speak here.