Online-to-Offline Commerce

FacebookreallifefriendscomparisonCatching up on my content feeds and finding this idea of online-to-offline (O2O) commerce# stimulating in terms of applications. Greg Sterling calculates that number to be around 10 times bigger than pure eCommerce:

Surveys done by Opus Research, eTailing Group, Forrester, BIA/Kelsey, Yahoo and others indicate very large numbers of internet users conduct “O2O” research. The surveys show a range of between 60%+ to more than 90% of internet-enabled consumers conduct online research before buying offline.

Considering that in a world of converged media, especially due to social networks and brands direct-to-consumer interactions in addition to direct-to-user experiences, the organizing principle has indeed become the customer.

It is where people and places meet that the action is and much of the action continues to happen in real life – the real, real time because it appends specificity to information based upon circumstance.

As I continue to develop my work more deeply into where user experience and person meet, I find abundant opportunities to make experiences tangible. Online-to-offline is the location-based element.


[image courtesy Paul Adams]

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