5 Top Posts On Brands, Digital Content, and Creating Value

Simplicity Requires a Clear Understanding of What and Who Creates Value

“[…] we believe that the power of simplicity lies in the ability to make choices. Choices of what to pursue and what not.

Making these choices would require a clear understanding of what and who creates value.


Content Marketing, Content Strategy

Multi-screen World

Becoming social is a content-based proposition.

Just like being searchable.

From the early days to mainstream adoption of social networks as communication tools making the case for brands as publishers is the associated benefit of direct to customer interactions, including the more recent introduction of Google's own social network, G+, that is putting search with social more closely. 

Content is an opportunity, and with the introduction of apps, it is becoming a product in itself in addition to being an asset.


Brand is an Asset, and it is Far From done

BrandEvery so often something dies in headlines on the Internet.

Once again, it is brands' turn to take the romantic stroll. So is glowing James Surowiecki at The New Yorker#. Attention pleas aside, the economic value of brands is still driven by perception, some elements of which are transactional and appeal to reason, and some are part of the engagement layer and appeal to emotion.


Learning by Example

We often hear the expression "teaching by example" — providing a role model for others is especially valuable when in highly visible positions. If that is true, imagine how much truer is seeing a leader learning by example.


How Marketing Must Evolve to Build Brands in Digital

Although the fundamentals of brand building have not changed — deliver value via usefulness and price, create a presence via physical product and service and the meaning said product/service has in the mind of the customer — how we accomplish that has.




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