Systems, Choices, Intent

Making Sense:

  • “If the news is that important, it’ll find me.” But what determines if it’s important? Nieman Journalism Lab: If the important news will find me, how can we maximize what counts as important when it comes to this ambient transmission of information?
  • The home automation paradox. O'Reilly Radar: We must create systems that expect us to be human, not punish us for when we are.

Making Do: Choices

  • In Pricey Facebook Deal for WhatsApp, Two Strong-Willed CEOs. WSJ: The deal illustrates how Facebook is morphing from a social network into something resembling a holding company for multiple properties, from Instagram to data tracker Onavo and app developer Parse.
  • Women's Voices and Mogul Swagger. Snarkmarket: The way we frame women’s personae at the top of the social pyramid, from Penelope to Margaret Thatcher to Mayer and Sandberg, both guides and is supported by the way we talk about women’s and men’s public and private voices all the way down.

Making It: Intent

  • Facebook ad targeting to include location, demographic, interests, off-site behavior. Inside Facebook: Through deeper location targeting, retailers can target people who live near chain stores or multiple locations. They can also exclude certain areas, such as certain zip codes within a state or city. With the Core Audiences demographic capabilities, marketers can aim Facebook ads at those who have recently changed their relationship status or other key markers, such as workplace and job title.
  • More on Mayer’s Search Plans for Yahoo: The “Three S’s” and Slipping Through a Microsoft Loophole. Re/Code: Mayer is trying to consolidate it all internally in a plan that is being called the “three S’s” — Stream, Shopping and Search. But rather than focusing on the Web and keywords, which Yahoo is contractually bound to allow Microsoft to serve under a 10-year search and advertising partnership deal, Mayer is aiming all this toward mobile and contextual search.


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