Who Won the Super Bowl?

Masthead-logoI once bought a billboard ad along a particular highway in California.

I did not buy it because it was in a particularly advantageous place, although it was close to a good network of roads where traffic was high and speed often slow enough for people to look for things other than texting and making phone calls while driving to maximize their time.

I did not buy it because we had a high concentration of customers and potential customers in that area of the country, although we had the most customers in the state of California, and the area was a central location for the consultants who recommended our products.

I did not buy it because I had enough budgets to cover critical areas of the business and support the billboard ad with other forms of marketing — both paid and organic, direct and via our distributors, although I worked hard to do both with the budget I had.

Nope, I bought the billboard ad because a very influential C-level member of the executive team wanted a billboard ad in that particular location. It was the road he took most days and thought it was a perfect fit.

For agencies reading this post, this is the internal version of "make the logo bigger." So we bought the ad. Did the best with the creative to pay for the extra media expense. In other words, we robbed one to give to the other… this story seem to be akin to the situation many brands faced building up to and during the Super Bowl.

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks, because they made it all about the game, even though the game itself, which should have been the thing we were all logged in to watch (yeah, even with the multiple screens and RTMBowl mojo going), was unremarkable. In Italian football terms, a great game is when the other team puts up an amazing effort and your team wins anyway.

Who won the Super Bowl?



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