What a Children Co-Created Ad for WWF Italy can Teach us About Collaboration

Learning is an adventure in imagination, and imagination unlocks creativity and innovation.

This short video documents the process Italian ad agency Leo Burnett went through to enroll elementary school children to create advertising thought by kids to get adults thinking on behalf of WWF Italy for the The Pets for Pets Project.

Pairing an experienced creative team with the kids allowed Burnett to teach and learn at the same time. Inviting children to imagine and then letting them participate actively in the creation of new social campaigns to help protect the animals they love the most made learning fun for the children and involved all senses.

WWF, together with a team of creatives, photographers, illustrators, film directors, animators, post-producers and speakers helped students at an elementary school in Milano experience the whole creative process: from the brief, to the Pre Production Meeting, to the shooting, to going on-air.

The result is engaging — the process brought back memories. Though my ad agency stint came a bit later, in middle school, when I interned at the agency where my mother was working, she was one of the top producers.

The output for WWF Italy included: 2 TV commercials, 4 ready to go on-air radio announcements, and 8 print campaigns. View the concept sketches brought to life by selecting the works tab.


An interactive experience that could pay dividends down the road by inspiring children to aspire to a creative career, and generate original ideas and executions for a brand that makes things for children, for example.

The tools may change, the way everyone felt while collaborating stays with you a lifetime. How do we assign value to this investment?



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