Google+ Hangout on Community Management

I just completed some research and an a POV on the benefits of integrating Google+ for a client and had good fun watching a couple of hangouts by brands. Creative teams and brand managers are starting to produce some very interesting conversations.

It was later in the day when I finished and while I had my Google account open, I ran a quick search for a Hangout on commuity management and found the recording of a hangout I did about two years ago with Lynette Young for her series of Women of Google Plus.

The video is still available so I posted it here [56:31]. At a high level, I cover several still timely topics, in no particular order:

  • the history of my involvement with Fast Company
  • how to go about building a community from the ground up, including the opeational aspects (the "company" part)
  • finding and keeping volunteers (including giving back to them in growth and resources)
  • benefits of community engagement for brands
  • how I used the content to balance audience segments at events (over seven years we organized and offered more than 100 free events in the greater Philadelphia are)
  • my philosophy on networking
  • the importance of corporate culture
  • and the genesis of "Conversation Agent", how I came up with the idea, and what it means (the original tagline was: connecting ideas and people, how talk can change our lives)

As I say in the end of the video, the idea and main goal of this site and the content I share is to help you put the knowledge you already have to good use. It was an inspired, unedited, and quite charming (if I may say so) conversation in community-building mode. I quite enjoyed watching it again, I hope you will find it useful.

And I realized I do laugh quite a bit. Lynette was a very gracious host and I was lucky to be part of the series.



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