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Brand Stories with a Pulse

Apple Marketing Credo
A few days ago Dave Winer wrote a post on pulsing technology, about how Apple has a pulse and follows a pattern every year. The company builds expectations, then follows up with an established cadence.


No, Big Data Should not Replace Thinking

Umberto Eco_World as Enigma
Especially the strategic kind. But I'm getting ahead of myself, putting the conclusion horse in front of the post cart.

Who decided strategy was a fixed, once and for all, proposition? Well, whoever that was, I will plead being a woman and an Italian to boot for not reading it.


12 Books that Changed My Life

The holidays are approaching and you might have a little time to curl up with a book. In the fine tradition of Ten Books that Stand the Test of Time, 3 Books on Leadership, a Vision of Life as Play, and Acting on What Matters, and with encouragement from Shane Parrish#, I thought it would be fun to exchange book tips.


In a World Were Keeping Promises is an Afterthought

Features_zendesk_overviewThe business and brand that walks the talk consistently over the long haul wins.

Zendesk helped reinvent customer service and the help desk#. As the company's story says, even when you are working on something with the potential to be very helpful, gaining momentum requires a bit of patience, especially when what you offer is different from "the way we do things here".


Visual Storytelling

Conversation Agent 2011 Yearbook Quotes from Valeria Maltoni

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work, in addition to research and analysis, is visual storytelling.


Customer-Led Experiences: Are Companies Missing the Point?


This chart from a recent Economist Unit report# shows how most companies (57%) are still relying on their website as their main communication tool, followed by e-mail (37%). Only 27% are using social media, with just 13% using mobile apps.

That mix will change over the next three years.


How Digital Transformation Drives Business Value


A recent McKinsey report# highlights how digital can shape every aspect of the enterprise. From the report:

Technology drives value in businesses in four ways: enhanced connectivity, automation of manual tasks, improved decision making, and product or service innovation (exhibit).


How Creativity Enables a Culture of Innovation

Stay ahead of the culture

The American Public Education System was directly imported from Prussia (modern day Germany). This model of "free and compulsory" education was designed by the Prussian Emperor, in order to generate obedient workers and soldiers who would not question his authority#.

It was designed not to over-educate and was imported into an early culture of hard working people, mostly immigrants, who came to the new land in search of opportunity and a better life.

That may have worked for the industrial economy, although it is debatable how well; it's not going to do today.


On Taking Your Turn

Gary Oldman Taking your TurnThe character of a person is in plain sight for everyone to see when they are faced with a choice — for example, waiting in line or stepping right up to the front of the queue in Oldman's quote. How people act (or react) shows you what they value.



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